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I started Be Protected Financial as a fully independent insurance consulting business specializing in insurance solutions for individuals, families, business owners and corporations.


I work with the major life insurance companies to give you concise and competitive rates to ensure your insurance goals and financial objectives are being met.


My priority is making sure you get great value from my services. I will always encourage you to ask questions, seek clarification, and get reassurance that the agreement defines in clear and concise details, exactly what you are purchasing. I accomplish this by offering you my personal experience, professional advice, and expertise in addition to listening to your needs, becoming familiar with your situation, and understanding your budgetary concerns.


If you are a family, small to medium sized business, self-employed entrepreneur, single income earner, small business owner and want to protect your income, business, or family, then I look forward to creating a valuable relationship with you.


If your business requires an employee benefit plan, insurance to protect your key person, or business partner insurance, I can assist you by providing valuable options and suggestions tailored to meet your personal or business insurance needs.