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Be Protected Financial | Why have a Group Benefit Plan?
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Why have a Group Benefit Plan?

Why have a Group Benefit Plan?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, companies of all sizes are finding it more difficult to attract and retain good quality employees.  We recognize that with the right Group Benefit Plan and package, you can hire the most suitable and skilled candidates and retain them.

Reasons to  have a Group Benefit Plan:

  • Retain and reward valued personnel
  • Attract quality employees
  • Minimize turnover and increase productivity
  • Maintain healthy workplace
  • Build employee loyalty and increase morale
  • Demonstrate management interest in the employee’s well being
  • Ensures employees aren’t devastated by catastrophic events
  • Encourages employees to respond to timely health care issues
  • Assists employees to return to work sooner

Compared to some health and dental plans,  group benefit plans do not discriminate and are not anti-selective, resulting in all employees receiving the same benefits.

Most premiums paid into a group benefit plan can be used as a tax deduction.

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