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Be Protected Financial | Is it Possible to buy time?
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Is it Possible to buy time?

Is it Possible to buy time?

As an insurance advisor and former well-being expert, I will show you just one practical way to buy time, a simple and proven strategy you will need.

You may ask yourself how is it possible to buy time?

For myself, it’s a strategy I could not have lived without.  It’s the “time solution” everyone can benefit from.  But first, let’s understand the concept of “time” as we know it in today’s busy world.

Time cannot be seen or taken for granted.  It just happens…second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.  The clock continues to tick and gives no care to our agenda!  It operates on it’s own agenda.  How many of us have said, “I wish I had more time“, or “I wish there was more time in the day?

The world revolves around keeping us on schedule.   Getting to work, business meetings, catching the bus, going to the movies, soccer practices, medical appointments are only a few events that are scheduled according to time.

We all make choices on how we want to use our time. However, what happens when time makes the choice for us?   The phrase, “It just wasn’t the right time“, often refers to a death, illness, or an unexpected medical event which in many cases we had little control over.

The financial consequences of losing someone or suffering a critical illness or having a medical emergency can be a devastating time for anyone.  The possible loss of future income as well as sudden expenses that occur can have an extreme financial hardship on an individual or family.  Time is not on your side when the bills continue to roll in and there is no money to pay them.  Your family’s standard of living is affected, not to mention the impact on future education for your children or retirement dreams.  There has to be a “time solution” in place.

Having life insurance and other types of insurance such as critical illness or disability insurance is a “time solution” that we need to consider for our families and ourselves.  It is these “time solutions” that can simply buy you more time when you need it the most.

Grief has no scheduled time when it strikes.  In the event of your death you can give your loved ones the necessary time to make important decisions.

Perhaps, buying more time could give you the financial stability to recover from a serious illness without having the pressures of going back to work.

I know the pain and grief that takes hold of you after a death.  When my husband passed away, I was afforded the time that I needed to grieve and make those important decisions regarding my future because of the right “time solution” he had in place for me.

In my practice as an insurance advisor, I am dedicated to offering you the gift of more time. It’s a time strategy that worked for me and will work for you.

  • Statistics show it takes a minimum of 2 years to get back on track after the death of a loved one or to recover from a serious illness
  • Time has no agenda…it just happens.
  • What insurance strategies do you need to put in place to create a time solution for you and your family? What happens if your income stops or is interrupted with an unexpected death or illness

Did you buy enough TIME?

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