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Bonita Boutilier, CHS

Bonita Boutilier, CHS

bonita boutilier

I was inspired to become an insurance broker following the unexpected death of my husband. Though the grief of this traumatic event, the life insurance policy that was given to me afforded me peace of mind to heal and grow from this life-changing tragedy.

Thanks to the life insurance policy, I was left with the financial security I needed to go on with my life.

This financial safety net is what gave me the vision and inspiration to create Be Protected Financial. My goal was, and still is today after more than a decade, to provide the best protection and financial services available to families and individuals during times when they are needed most.

By sharing my personal experiences with insurance,  I endeavour to create authentic relationships, present smooth easy-to-understand processes and achieve result-driven goals.

As an Employee Benefits Specialist, I  specialize in analyzing, developing and restructuring group plans to ensure that the premiums you pay are within marketplace guidelines. When necessary, I collaborate with experts in the legal, estate planning and accounting fields to ensure your company’s financial and corporate objectives are being met.

I present information that makes life easier, not more complicated. Your sigh of relief makes me grateful to go the extra mile and I do so with friendly and prompt professionalism that you can count on.

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