“Bonita’s warm personality, incredible patience, and knowledge of such a vast range of insurance products make her an ideal person to help both my family and my clients have the peace of mind and understanding that they want. She conveniently met with us during the late afternoon at a local Starbucks to gather information and corresponded by email about the various quotes and ensured we understood our needs. Overall, the process was smooth and worry-free. We knew we were getting the best products for the best prices, and I consistently refer clients to Bonita so that my clients do too.”

Elizabeth,  North Vancouver BC


“We are older parents with two children, one disabled. Bonita helped us plan for our children’s future and was able to save us money by finding an insurance company with lower rates than my work insurance was offering. She came to our house at our convenience, and kept in close e-mail contact as we went through the process of starting up with a new insurance company.”

Nancy,   White Rock  BC


“We recently switched from another company that was rated as one of the top 50 best small to medium employers in Canada.  The bonus is the costs are lower by a significant margin.”

Graham, Vancouver BC


“Dear Bonita, I want to say that your personable, well-informed and tailored service will keep me year after year. Thank you”

resa, Richmond, BC


“I met Bonita in a networking group and knew when I first met her that I definitely felt comfortable and at ease with what she had to offer. For me the people I work with must share the same five ideals by which I work: TRUST, LOYALTY, RESPECT, INTEGRITY AND HONESTY. Bonita embodies all of these and so I thought it was appropriate to have Bonita provide my wife and myself with Life Insurance Policies. I never realized how little I knew on the subject until I met Bonita – her wealth of knowledge is impressive. The process was completed with efficiency, ease, confidence, and privacy. I would recommend only Bonita to anyone with insurance needs…”

Daryl, North Vancouver, BC


“When I finally got around to doing something concrete about my insurance – I was very happy to find someone with the options and answers at their fingertips – and the prompt and efficient service ! Thank you Bonita”

Robyn, Vancouver, BC


“Bonita’s high level of professionalism, knowledge and customer service
are evident immediately. She is caring and trustworthy, and treats
everyone with genuine respect.
We would recommend Bonita to anyone without hesitation”

Jennifer, Surrey, BC


“In a vast ocean of insurance providers, stands Bonita like a tropical island.  Her goal is not to push products or to highlight features and benefits with a canned speech but to establish a long lasting and trusting relationship.  The objective is simple; to listen to the clients’s needs in order to maximize the protection for the client’s situation.  I recommend Bonita because she is a great listener and fantastic person.”

Marc, Vancouver BC


“Bonita came highly recommended to us by our mortgage broker and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her. Her intimite and in depth knowledge of the various policies and options put us at ease, and we felt in very good hands. She explained everything clearly and made sure we had enough time to think things through and make the right choices. She has an infectious personality that helps keep things light while talking about serious issues. We will be recommending Bonita to friends and family and will always turn to her for advise in the future.”

Ben and Lindsay, North Vancouver, BC