Is Life Insurance for a Child Really Necessary?

As an advisor, speaking to parents about purchasing life insurance for their child can be a very delicate subject. Traditionally, you purchased life insurance to protect your family from an unexpected death, which could potentially create financial hardships. For example, for a family with small children, if the primary income earner dies money is still required to maintain the household. Where is the money going to come from and how long will the... [Read More...]

How do you choose?

When deciding to choose a professional to take care of your personal interests, ie: buying/selling a home, investments, insurance, renovating your house, etc. how do you decide? Well here are a few tips to consider: 1.  If they have a website, make sure you read it. 2.  Ask them for names and contact numbers of previous clients for references on their work. 3. Contact associations they belong to for any complaints that have been made against them,... [Read More...]

Is it Possible to buy time?

As an insurance advisor and former well-being expert, I will show you just one practical way to buy time, a simple and proven strategy you will NEED. You may ask yourself how is it possible to buy time? For myself, it’s a strategy I could not have lived without.  It’s the “time solution” everyone can benefit from.  But first, let’s understand the concept of “time” as we know it in today’s busy world. Time... [Read More...]

“It will never happen to me…”

It was spring 2003, when my insurance advisor called me to set up an appointment to meet me at my office.  I had thought to myself, I have life and disability insurance what more do I need.  Being self employed and raised in a family where insurance was a priority, had me agreeing to meet to see what I was missing. My advisor of 10 years whom I had trusted, suggested I buy critical illness insurance.  After explaining the benefits to me and the... [Read More...]

Term or Permanent Insurance….What’s the difference?

When sitting across the table from my clients I often ask, “Do you know the difference between term or permanent insurance.” Most of time the answer is no. At this point, I highlight some of the key points… The need for insurance has to be established… Term-Insurance for a specific period of time. Mortgages, loans, young families with high debt ratio. Permanent-Special needs child, Income tax liabilities, any debts to be... [Read More...]

How To Protect One of Your Most Valuable Assets.

In this article I explain the real facts that can save you money and protect one of your most valuable assets…your HOME. When asked at the bank to purchase mortgage insurance do you really know what you are signing up for.  I’ll explain the differences between purchasing mortgage insurance through your bank/financial institution or through an Insurance Advisor like myself Here are the facts. 1. Does your death benefit remain level? BANK–... [Read More...]

Are you financially prepared to get older?

As an Insurance Advisor, I will explain the real facts on the future health care of our elderly.  I counsel my clients on the importance of including long term care insurance as part of their retirement plan. You’re probably thinking, Why would I need long term care insurance? “My children will take care of me.” Yes, that may be the case, but have you thought to ask them? What happens if your children are in the “sandwich generation”,... [Read More...]