Benefits of a Health Trust

Want to have your medical and dental expenses to be a 100% business expense?

*For incorporated or unincorporated individuals, business owners, professionals, employees and dependents. Revenue Canada Agency requires that an independent 3rd party Trustee to administer and adjudicate all healthcare expenses for accuracy and to comply with federal laws.  All expenses, admin fees and start up fees ($250) are a 100% tax deductible to the corporation and not considered a taxable benefit to the employee. They are used exclusively to finance the health and dental expenses of the business owner, employees and their family members.  No premiums because this is not an insurance product.  Unspent contributions are carried forward for future healthcare spending. No hidden costs.  A fixed 10% administration fee is charged on actual claims.
Ideal for a 1  business owner operation to unlimited employees of large corporations.

*Winflex Solutions

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